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The key laboratory of materials modification by laser, ion and electron beams of Ministry of Education (MMlab) was part of state key laboratory of materials modification by laser, ion and electron beams between 1991 and 2008. In 2009, it becomes an independent key laboratory of Ministry of Education. The current director of MMLab is Prof. Jijun Zhao, and the current chairman of academic committee is Prof. Kesong Zhou. The MMlab has totally seventy-one scientists (including 6 Changjiang distinguished professors, 43 full professors) and six staffs. Every year, it hosts about twenty visiting scientists and postdoctoral fellows. There are about 220 Ph. D students and 270 master students in the supervision of MMlab.


MMlab is devoted to the interdisciplinary research between materials science and plasma physics or condensed matter physics. Currently, the five major research directions of MMlab are: (1) Design of novel materials and materials modifications; (2) Materials surface modification with energetic beams; (3) Materials processing theory and technology by special energy fields; (4) Low-temperature plasma physics and technology; (5) Fusion plasma physics and fusion reactor materials.


During the past five years (2013-2017), the scientists in MMlab have undertaken about 430 research projects with total amount of funds about 0.438 billion RMB and they have published about 800 papers on prestigious SCI-indexed journals, such as Science Advances, Progress in Materials Science, Physical Review Letters, Advanced Functional Materials, Nano Energy. Recently, the MMlab scientists have won one national award for technological invention as well as ten scientific or technological awards from the Ministry of Education or Liaoning province. The MMlab has established world-wide collaborations with those well-known institutes in USA, Russia, Japan, Germany, France, Sweden, etc.